Our versatile BUYETI system streamlines IT procurement

Executive Technology’s versatile BUYETI (www.buyeti.com) service is our e-business solution for Enterprise Customers that puts you in control of your IT procurement process.  Accessed through a secure web portal, or connected directly with your organization’s internal e-procurement solution, BUYETI.com gives you a direct link to tier-one technology suppliers through our convenient and cost-saving solution.
BUYETI enables your organization to:

        • Conduct business at your convenience, 24 x 7, through secure web access.
        • Consolidate all purchases through a single, easy to use interface.
        • Simplify your buying procedures & reduce human error.
        • Decrease transaction costs, eliminating labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks.
        • Decrease order fulfillment costs (consolidate invoices).
        • Improve spend control by enforcing purchasing limits and privileges.
        • Improve operational efficiencies through one-stop shopping.
        • Improve technology and process standardization across multiple business units.

BUYETI features:

        • Quick access to hardware and software from the leading manufacturers/publishers.
        • Rich product information (tech specs, images) on thousands of the top IT products.
        • Standards and bundles ared showcased to reinforce your organization’s IT product standardization, reducing support costs.
        • Seamless ‘punch-out’ integration with major e-procurement solutions (such as Ariba, Oracle, SAP and others).
        • User collaboration – quotes and order sharing options.
        • User access control – giving users just the level of access/permissions they need.
        • Seamless quote-to-cart integration.

Executive Technology can customize the BUYETI website to fit the needs of Enterprise Customers. As a portal tailored specifically for your business, BUYETI.com lets you shop in a familiar, online format while conveniently unifying your organization’s own processes for the acquisition of IT products.

BUYETI combines Executive Technology’s expertise in supply-chain automation, e-commerce and IT products and is just one of the many solutions that Executive Technology offers our clients that are focused on the needs of large business and organizations.